Hearts medicine 2

hearts medicine 2

Hilfe, ich komme bei dem Spiel Heart's Medicine: Zeit heilt alle Wunden Angerechnet wird auch abkassieren von 2 und mehr Patienten oder 2 und mehr. SPIELE DIE 2. GESCHICHTE VON HEART'S MEDICINE, präsentiert von den preisgekrönten Entwicklern von Delicious! SPIELE EIN OP-SIMULATIONSSPIEL. Our Heart's Medicine – Time to Heal walkthrough features level by level You'll want 2 of the posters to be done being put up by the time the  ‎ Heart's Medicine – Time to · ‎ The Pharmacy: Level 11 – 20 · ‎ Challenges.

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Make sure you check them out before they lose hearts! Du musst das Essen vorbereiten. Refer to the Contents section of our guide for quicker navigation! On the floor on the far right, behind the top of the bottommost yellow chair. When this appears, click on Earl to cheer him up. Achte vor allem bei den letzten Patienten gut darauf, dass du nicht versehntlich nur noch zwei dort stehen hast.

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Heart's Medicine: Time To Heal PE - The Ward, Level 1 - 5 (#1) (Let's Play / Gameplay) Wait for a. Click on the trophy icon in the upper right corner of the level select screen to view your trophies and progress. As soon as a patient starts walking toward the checkout monitor, click on it to guarantee you meet them there as quickly as possible. Underneath the side table to the left of the couch. Die Patienten boxen dann dagegen. Peeking out from behind the pot of the plant in the upper right corner. Send them to the chair, but do not help them yet. Unlock all other trophies. The memory will float in the middle of the screen where you can view it. Check patients out in groups to add bonus points to your score. Each one of these individual needs has a quick bonus attached to it. Die Kontrolleinheit befindet sich zwischen den beiden Anesthesiegeräten, über der Auffüllung für Maske, Haube und Handschuhe. Make sure only one patient at a time is using them. As soon as they ask to be taken to a sink or machine, click on them and move them to these stations immediately. Treatments are different per department. You will need at least 4 gold-heart patients at the register at the same time before checking them out to qualify toward the goal. Repeat this process a total of 4 times throughout the day when prompted to complete your goal. The memory will float in the middle of the screen where you can view it. In the window at the top of the screen, on the far right. Level 32 Maternity Ward: Perform the touch gestures as shown to complete preparations. Es reicht, wenn der Spezialist am Ende 1 Herz hat, um die Prüfung zu gewinnen. A bubble will pop up over their head indicating where they need to go. Similarly, you can look at the happiness levels of a patient coming in for a clue on how much treatment they will need. In addition to the 60 regular Challenge levels of the game, there are 30 Bonus Challenge levels:

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